Swami Ishatmananda

Swami IshatmanandaSwa­mi Ishat­manan­da, a monk of the Rama­kri­shna Order, got asso­ci­at­ed with the holy order at the Rama­kri­shna Mis­sion, Cher­ra­pun­ji, Meghalaya.

He was attached with Advai­ta Ashra­ma (Kolkata) an Eng­lish pub­li­ca­tion cen­ter of the Rama­kri­shna order for twelve years.

He was ini­ti­at­ed by Sri­mat Swa­mi Vireswaranan­da­ji Maharaj and bestowed with Sanyasa in 1986 by Sri­mat Swa­mi Gamb­hi­ranan­da­ji Maharaj.

Before com­ing to the US, he served well-known edu­ca­tion­al insti­tu­tions of the Rama­kri­shna Mis­sion in Puru­lia, West-Ben­gal, Port Blair, Andaman Islands (Founder Secreary) and Narot­tam Nagar, Tirap, Arunachal Pradesh (Prin­ci­pal cum Secretary).

He has ren­dered his ser­vices at time of nat­ur­al calami­ties in deep inte­ri­ors of Assam, West Ben­gal, and Orissa.

In March 2013, Swa­mi Ishat­manan­da was assigned to Vivek­a­nanda Vedan­ta Soci­ety of Chica­go .

Under his lead­er­ship the soci­ety observed 150th Birth Anniver­sary of Swa­mi Vivek­a­nanda through dif­fer­ent pro­grams held from August through Novem­ber 2013.

He is also the Reli­gious Advis­er at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Chicago.

Apart from dis­cours­ing on var­i­ous top­ics, he also con­ducts spir­i­tu­al retreats and attends var­i­ous pro­grams across the Unit­ed States at the invi­ta­tion of devo­tees and oth­er organizations.

He has writ­ten many arti­cles that have been pub­lished in Rama­kri­shna Mis­sion jour­nals and oth­er jour­nals as well. He has giv­en dis­cours­es on the Bha­gavad Gita , exten­sive­ly trav­eled dif­fer­ent places of India, attend­ed sem­i­nars and deliv­ered lec­tures at col­leges, uni­ver­si­ties, and devo­tee con­gre­ga­tion on spir­i­tu­al ideals and ideologies.

Advai­ta Ashram, Kolkata has pub­lished his dis­cours­es on the Bha­gavad Gita as a set of 14 DVDs. Swa­mi Ishat­manan­da has trans­lat­ed Swa­mi Bud­hanan­da’s book “The mind and its con­trol” to Bengali.

Swami Tyagananda

swami tyaganandaSwa­mi Tya­ganan­da is a Hin­du monk of the Rama­kri­shna Order and present­ly the head of the Rama­kri­shna Vedan­ta Soci­ety in Boston. Cur­rent­ly he is also the Hin­du chap­lain at MIT and Harvard.

He became a monk in 1976, soon after grad­u­at­ing from the Uni­ver­si­ty of Bom­bay, India.  He was assigned to the Vedan­ta Soci­ety in Boston in 1998.

Swa­mi Tya­ganan­da was the edi­tor of the Eng­lish lan­guage jour­nal “Vedan­ta Kesari” based in Chen­nai, India, for eleven years.

He has trans­lat­ed and edit­ed many books. His works include:

Walk­ing the Walk: A Man­u­al of Kar­ma Yoga (2014)
Inter­pret­ing Rama­kri­shna: Kali’s Child Revisited.(2010) Co-authored with Pravra­ji­ka Vrajaprana.
The Essence of the Gita (trans­la­tor) (2000)
A Study of the Munda­ka Upan­ishad (edi­tor and com­pil­er) (2000)
Healthy Mind, Healthy Body: New Thoughts on Health (edi­tor) (1997)
Val­ues: The Key to a Mean­ing­ful Life (edi­tor) (1996)
Ser­vice: Its Ide­al and Prac­tice (edi­tor) (1993)
Reli­gion Today (edi­tor) (1992)
Monas­ti­cism: Ideals and Tra­di­tions (edi­tor) (1991)
Saints and Mys­tics (edi­tor) (1990)
Holy Scrip­tures: A Sym­po­sium on the Great Scrip­tures of the World (edi­tor) (1989)
Facets of Vivek­a­nanda (edi­tor) (1987)

Swami Atmajnanananda

swami-atmajnananandaSwa­mi Atma­jna­na­nanda is a Swa­mi (monk) of the Rama­kri­shna Order, the res­i­dent min­is­ter at the Vedan­ta Cen­ter of Greater Wash­ing­ton, DC .

He joined the Rama­kri­shna Order in 1981 at the Vedan­ta Soci­ety of South­ern Cal­i­for­nia; took first vows of brah­macharya in India in 1992 and sanyasa in India in 1996; trans­ferred to the Vedan­ta Cen­ter of Greater Wash­ing­ton, DC in 1997.

He is a schol­ar in Indi­an phi­los­o­phy and trav­eled exten­sive­ly through­out India and Bangladesh; con­tributed var­i­ous arti­cles and trans­la­tions to some of the books and mag­a­zines of the Ramkr­ish­na order.