Brother Shankara

Brother Shankara Brother Shankara is the current spiritual director and Resident Minister of the Vedanta Center of Atlanta.
Swami Prabhavananda accepted Gary Kemper as a disciple in 1973 and gave him the name Shankara in 1975. Swami Swahananda initiated Br. Shankara in 1977. For the next 33 years Shankara continued his life as a householder and served the Swami and the Vedanta Society of Southern California in various capacities, including Secretary of the Board of Trustees. He received Brahmacharya vows after his wife of 48 years died in November 2009. In June 2010, Swami Swahananda appointed Br. Shankara as Resident Minister of the Vedanta Center of Atlanta. He began serving here in August.Previously, under Swami Swahananda’s direction, Br. Shankara assisted in founding the Vedanta Center of Greater Washington, DC; Vivekananda Retreat Ridgely; and Ramakrishna Vedanta Ashramas in Phoenix AZ, Pittsburgh PA, and Raleigh NC. He also helped establish several non-profit religious organizations, including American Service to India, and the Ramakrishna Foundation.
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