Pravrajika Krishnaprana


Pravrajika Krishnaprana  Met Swami Prabhavananda in Santa Barbara in 1968, where she was vacationing. Had just finished a teaching job in Hawaii and was looking for a sunnier climate than Seattle, where she was raised. Shen then returned to the Northwest and met Swami Vividishananda and Swami Ranganathananda.
Moved to Santa Barbara in 1969, lived there and volunteered at the center, learning the philosophy from Swami Prabhavananda and the nuns in residence.
Moved into the convent in 1972, was privileged to be able to serve Swami Prabhavananda until his passing.
Had Brahmacharya and Sannyas from Swami Ashesananda and have lived in the Santa Barbara Convent my entire monastic life.

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