Vivekananda Seva (Service)

(A Community Service Initiative of RKVSNC)

Members of the Ramakrishna Vedanta Society volunteer by serving meals on the first Sunday of every other month to homeless people at UMD kitchen. If you would like to participate in this activity kindly contact Kalyan Ghosh, 919-960-5727;

Community Service Volunteer Application

  • Any member of RKVSNC or other local organizations and individuals living within our community who are able, committed, skilled, and possess the desire to give selfless service to those in need.
  • At least 18 years of age.
  • Willing to go through a volunteer training session and meet periodically in group sessions to share his/her collective experiences.
  • Agrees to maintain confidentiality regarding clients and families served.

Service Eligibility:

Our goal is to serve members of our local community who need help in situations that are beyond their control and/or ability to handle totally by their own and when our service will relieve them at least in a minor way; Individuals and families who will seek our free voluntary service on a limited basis and who are willing in writing to indemnify our volunteer(s) and RKVSNC for any actual and perceived damage caused by our service from their view point.

What kinds of Services?

Volunteer services we provide may have a broad array of support where our volunteers are equipped, skilled and able to provide. Some examples of services are as follows:

  • Providing relief to primary care giver through companion care for a temporarily or chronically sick family member for few hours per week. Such services shall be available to families irrespective of their ability to hire professional companion care.
  • Providing companion care to single persons without family when such person is severely sick and needs vigilance and or care attendance.
  • Providing errand activities in fetching groceries, medicines, driving to doctor’s office, hospital, preparing short meals and other daily needs when the family members or individuals are incapable to take care of themselves because of sickness and other disabilities.
  • Providing face to face and/or telephone counseling in situations where such is sought and where our volunteers have expertise to help.
  • Participate in soup kitchen type of activities periodically in established facilities in our region.
  • Provide a list of support organizations within our region that are equipped and available to provide free or pay-for-service in times of need. 

Who could be our volunteers?

  • Any member of RKVSNC and of other local organizations and individuals living within our community who are able, committed, skilled and who possess self-less caring and serving attitudes to fellow human beings.
  • Persons of at least 18 years of age.
  • Persons who are willing to go through a volunteering training session and willing to meet periodically in group sessions to share collective experiences.
  • Persons holding high ethical standards, ability to maintain confidentiality regarding clients and families served, courteous, humble, pleasant and unassuming.

How do we organize?

  • Announce the program details via Web sites of local Indian organizations and invite volunteers from those organizations.
  • Spread through word of mouth type of campaign.
  • Create a local area based network of volunteers, such as Cary, Chapel Hill, Durham, Raleigh, Holly Spring etc.
  • Appoint a Program coordinator and several contact persons with contact points.

How do we assess our effectiveness?

  • Through feedback mechanisms and volunteer evaluations from our service recipients

RKVSNC Contact for Service request and volunteering interests is

Kalyan Ghosh, 919-960-5727;