Volunteer at the Center

The center is entirely volunteer run so all are welcome to practice karma yoga (selfless service as spiritual practice). Please contact us (vedantanc@gmail.com) if you are interested in the activities of any of our functional committees.

Program Committee

This committee arranges for general events and activities at the center including retreats with visiting monastics, vespers at the center, and scripture studies. The leader of the program committee is Usha Gulati.

Food Committee

The food committee coordinates the prasad (religious offering of food) brought for retreats. The leader of the food committee is Joy Sarkar.

Community Service and Outreach Committee

This committee runs community service activities such as soup kitchen volunteer work. It also arranges for opportunities for people to be exposed to Vedantic ideals outside of the center. The leader of the community service and outreach committee is Kalyan Ghosh.

Education Committee

This committee is responsible for organizing the Sunday school for young Vedantins. The leader of the education committee is Ashish Fadnavis.

Puja Committee

This committee is responsible for coordinating efforts for worships of deities performed at the center or in larger spaces. The committee invites the pujari (worship leader), arranges the venue for worship, and assists the pujari in the preparation of offerings, ritual vessels, flower arrangements, and any other related activities. The leader of the puja committee is Amitava Sarkar.

Facilities and Maintenance Committee

This committee keeps the ashram functioning and clean. Usually, the team meets on Saturday mornings to do karma yoga. The leader of the facilities and maintenance committee is Peter Diao.

Communications Committee

The communications committee maintains the website, social media, and email reminders. Also, they are responsible for recording events and taking pictures for our media gallery. The leader of the communications committee is Peter Diao.

Future Planning and Fundraising Committee

This committee develops proposals for expansion of the center and fundraising events. The leader of the future planning and fundraising committee is Diju Raha.