Who We Are

About Us

The Rama­kri­shna Vedan­ta Soci­ety of North Car­oli­na was found­ed in the state of North Car­oli­na in Jan­u­ary 2008. The spir­i­tu­al Head of the Soci­ety is Swa­mi Sar­vade­vanan­da, a senior monk of the Rama­kri­shna Order. The Soci­ety has mem­bers and is gov­erned by an Exec­u­tive Com­mit­tee and a Board of Trustees. It is a part of the Rama­kri­shna Move­ment, fol­low­ing the ideals set forth by Sri Rama­kri­shna, Sri Sara­da Devi, and Swa­mi Vivek­a­nanda.

Our Mission

  • Dis­sem­i­nate the teach­ings of the Vedan­ta to the younger gen­er­a­tion to help devel­op a future brand of ser­vice-ori­ent­ed com­mu­ni­ty and nation­al lead­ers with broad val­ues of inclusivity.
  • Pro­vide an envi­ron­ment and facil­i­ties for appre­ci­at­ing, under­stand­ing, and prac­tic­ing the phi­los­o­phy of the Vedan­ta as taught and inter­pret­ed by Sri Rama­kri­shna, Sri Sara­da Devi, and Swa­mi Vivekananda.
  • Engage in activ­i­ties includ­ing pub­lic edu­ca­tion and com­mu­ni­ty ser­vice to prac­tice and spread the mes­sage of “Prac­ti­cal Vedanta”.
  • Encour­age mem­bers to pur­sue spir­i­tu­al growth through prayer, med­i­ta­tion, wor­ship, read­ings, dis­cours­es, and retreats con­duct­ed by monks asso­ci­at­ed with the Rama­kri­shna Order.

Mem­bers of the Soci­ety con­duct evening wor­ship (Ara­trikam), and Sat­ur­day study, as well as run the “Pupils of Prac­ti­cal Vedan­ta”, intro­duc­ing and train­ing our youth in the ideals of Prac­ti­cal Vedanta.

Reg­u­lar vis­its by swamis of the Rama­kri­shna Order help to inspire mem­bers and friends in prac­tic­ing the ideals of Vedan­ta in their dai­ly lives.


  • Week­days 7 pm: Ara­trikam and singing of dai­ly hymns
  • Sat­ur­day 2 pm: Scrip­ture Study Circle
  • Reg­u­lar Retreats con­duct­ed by Monas­tics of the Rama­kri­shna Order