Rama­kri­shna Vedan­ta Soci­ety of North Car­oli­na is ded­i­cat­ed to the prac­tice and prop­a­ga­tion of the ideals of Vedan­ta as pre­sent­ed to the mod­ern world by Sri Rama­kri­shna, Sri Sara­da Devi, and Swa­mi Vivek­a­nanda.

The Soci­ety main­tains a small but beau­ti­ful cen­ter near the Raleigh-Durham air­port, where dai­ly wor­ship, reg­u­lar class­es, and spe­cial pujas are held.

2020 Upcom­ing Events: Please view the Events Page for more details

Important Information:

Dear Devo­tees,
Dr. Malaya Das - Doc­tor and inti­mate Dis­ci­ple of Swa­mi Swa­hanan­da Ji is writ­ing a Book on “Revered Swa­mi Swa­hanan­da ji”. He is now col­lect­ing rem­i­nis­cences from some of Swa­mi Swahanandaji’s dis­ci­ples, devo­tees, admir­ers and friends for a sec­ond book. Please click here to see the instruc­tions from the fly­er.

All Vedan­ta cen­ter activ­i­ties sus­pend­ed due to COVID-19 until fur­ther notice, please stay safe at home.

Request to all: The devo­tees of Vedan­ta  Soci­ety of North Car­oli­na will be chant­i­ng “Jai Shri Rama­kri­shna Jai Ma Sara­da.” every Tues­day, Thurs­day & Sat­ur­day at 4:00 to 4:30 at their house.  You can also Chant any God Name of your choice.

Chant­i­ng togeth­er even remote­ly for world peace is very pow­er­ful. This Chant­i­ng can be done min­i­mum of 10 Min to 30 Min.

This is total­ly vol­un­tary .

Hari­na­manand­ha Retreat video:


** Night­ly Arati at 6 pm (Mon-Sun) (Effec­tive Novem­ber 1 - March 10 ) **
** Night­ly Arati at 7 pm (Mon-Sun) (Effec­tive March 11 - Octo­ber 31) **




Ongo­ing week­ly events:  Please note that ongo­ing reg­u­lar week­ly events list­ed below may be super­seded by sched­uled spe­cial events and pro­grams asso­ci­at­ed with the vis­it­ing swamis/pravrajikas.

Mem­ber­ship:  Mem­ber­ship is open to per­sons 18 years of age or old­er.  Some mem­bers and friends become sus­tain­ing donors, mak­ing a month­ly dona­tion to sup­port the Society’s activ­i­ties. Please vis­it our Mem­ber­ship Page for more details.

Youth Edu­ca­tion Pro­gram:  “Pupils of Prac­ti­cal Vedan­ta” is a val­ue edu­ca­tion pro­gram offered by the Rama­kri­shna Vedan­ta Soci­ety of North Car­oli­na to our youth.  Class­es meet on alter­nate Sun­days through the school year.  Click here to learn more about “Pupils of Prac­ti­cal Vedan­ta”.

Be a Vol­un­teer: Our vol­un­teers go through vol­un­teer­ing train­ing ses­sion to pro­vide a broad array of sup­port.  Our goal is to serve mem­bers of our local com­mu­ni­ty who need help in sit­u­a­tions that are beyond their con­trol. Please click here for more details about our Vol­un­teer Pro­gram.

Con­tact Us: Please feel free to reach out to us if you need any infor­ma­tion or have any ques­tions or com­ments about RKVS of NC.  Click here for more details on how to vis­it us.